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Articles of HEALTH

The articles in this section first appeared in RightWay vitamins' newsletters. They have been modified, condensed or expanded here. These articles present "food for thought" and innovative background to the greater issue of health as well as taking vitamins. Be sure to click on the references to see what science is discovering.


This first article cuts right to the heart of this new vitamin criteria. If synthetically created vitamins can fully substitute for nature's own naturally formed ones, then there is no reason for this website and the new guidelines. Any cheap vitamin would work, but, after reading this article you will discover that synthetic vitamins are different and that scientists have always known this fact. Learn how the scientists attempted to "equalize" the differences, facts that many professionals do not know.

Survive Alive

Over the last fifty years, food production in the United States has created foods that increase disease instead of building health. How could this have been allowed to happen? A few examples are picked and the consequences of these production changes are followed. The disheartening fact is that scienctists, the food industry, and government agencies have long known these facts and are still looking for ways to mitigate their consequences, short of returning to the past healthy methods.

Hearts Of FIRE 

The number one disease of the 20th century is cardiovascular disease: strokes and heart attacks. This article highlights what science has uncovered about this condition and its causes, many of which are not common knowledge in public circles. Why not? Cholesterol is only part of the equation and doesn't hold up under scientific anaylsis. This is a 2 part article due to the critical nature of this issue. "Low fat is out, moderate good fats are in" American Heart Association.



A look into one of the major theories behind degenerative diseases. At least the ones that get all the attention recently. Almost everyone has heard or read about anti-oxidants and free radicals, but just what are they? And how do radicals create such mischief in the body? Plus a peak at the latest connected emerging theory, mitochondrial dysfunction.

Before You Take...Another Vitamin 

For as vital a topic as taking vitamin supplements represents, very few conscious decision making principles are used. A true consumer beware issue. The blind faith that most people place in vitamin companies and the protecting governement may not be justified when you learn these facts.


Hollow bones are a consequence when economic interests are not tempered by public education. There are two things that have the greatest influence on healthy bones and they are not calcium and dairy. Step by step you will dicover how the current situation developed which robs bone building materials for other body functions. Bones are designed to last a lifetime.


A simple straight forward application of the Hollow Bone Saga background information. The nuts and bolts of keeping bones healthy.

SOY Uncensored

Soy is a modern example of a rags to riches story. Fifty years ago it was a waste product from soy oil processing and today it is one of the major cash crops of the United States. Studies and claims abound for soy from cancer protection to hormone balance and saving bones. An objective look into the properties of soy reveal that it has a Dr. Jeckal & Mr Hyde complex. Beneficial here but damaging there. A true risk reward food. You need to know the risks before you can evaluate the benefits. All too often articles and studies leave out one side of these facts. You will think twice before eating that next bag of soynuts.

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