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Launched May 5, 2006           Revised  July 2007


QV SummaryAmple research information exists to develop healthy dietary programs. But, for some reason, there is a failure to adequately communicate this information to the public. It's therefore necessary to learn this information yourself if you want to become and stay healthy. This website is about helping you do just that. Parents, your obligation to give your children a healthy start should be priority one for healthy choices. Food manufacturers do not always have your health interests in mind when developing and marketing foods. Luckily, the body can recover and regain health.

The health industry needs a wake up call, someone to shout "fire in the hole" to spark a preventative revolution. A child, or anyone else for that matter, should never have to needlessly suffer from a preventable disease.

Countless suffering could and should be prevented by an aggressive promotion of the already known disease preventing factors. Some Public schools are finally going back to more nutritious foods. The problem is not a lack of knowledge; it is a lack of communication with a failure to act. It's almost as if the many health groups are in a tug of war and only pulling on the rope with one hand. The insights and links on this website are designed to add perspective and meaning to this already existing knowledge. The time to act is NOW.


MYpyramid Nutritional guideline? ref

Food choices will only change for the better when consumers speak with their buying dollars. And that will first require a world of awareness education. The methods used up to now have, needless to say, only had limited effects. A few areas have noted benefits, such as in the reduced number of male smokers and a declining heart disease rate. BUT, the basic fundamental food and lifestyle information needed to make educated choices is often blurred by a wall of food company marketing stories. ref  Dr. OZ often uses stark reality visual aids such as ten pounds of fat or a diseased lung from a departed smoker to drive home the consequences of unhealthy choices. Unfortuantely, he has become more of a showman and some of his health weight loss information quality has suffered. Government guideline programs are now trying new messages to increase vegetable and fruit consumption. The "take 5" message is now not enough, it is just a start. Today the recommendation is for from 5-9 servings to counter for shortfalls as well as overdoses of certain nutrients in the American diet. It is going to take a concerted effort such as from a very large sludge hammer to make health points in today's world. ref



The most remarkable health feature of the human body is that given the right nutrients and lifestyle, even heart disease can be REVERSED. Dr Dean Ornish's program has shown this fact. Arteries that were once clogged can be cleaned up. It's not easy. Some will opt for heart and artery transplants rather than put out a little exertion and change their diet. RightWay Vitamins is about discovering and presenting knowledge to allow informed decisions. The rest is up to you. 


If you have lasted this far, congratulations. Here is an interesting concept. Let's use these examples. If you have high total cholesterol (TC), you may not develop cardiovascular disease. If you lower your high TC, you will not be totally protected from having a heart attack either. These are simply recommendations of direction based upon current mainstream medicine beliefs. These actions may change your risks, but there is very little that is 100% guaranteed when dealing with human physiology or nature. These "beliefs" can and do change from time to time as new research reveals other factors. This is called relative risk

It also highlights another fact that is a core factor in human health. The body is designed to survive. It will do everything it can, and it has many avenues, to survive whatever attacks it encounters, much of which you create. This is, of course, both a curse and a blessing. Your body can mask insults it has put up with, often for many years, before it cries out in pain. Doctors have a rule. Before a patient comes to see them with a complaint, the involved organ or tissue can be up to 60% compromised. RightWay's approach is to simply offer you information which you can use now or store in your memory until you are ready to lower your relative risk and perhaps remain healthy longer.

Modern medicine is not geared to offer much support in maintaining  health. Health is simply not taught in medical schools. They are disease directed. In Health Premise, avenues will be perused to put in perspective why this happened. In keeping with RightWay's health philosophy, a very conservative approach will be taken in evaluating the Standard American Diet (SAD) and it's ramifications for health or disease. Going back to consuming a past basic diet may seem like a radical idea, but in reality the current SAD is really the most radical and damaging way of eating from a health status evaluation.

HEALTH FORUM (Soap Box Opinions)

Here is another concept that is at the core of RightWay's Health presentation. Much of the advice mainstream medicine puts out about nutrition and health is what might be called "soft-rock". Such as; "You can get all the vitamins you need from food."  While that may be true, the reality is that less than 10% of people achieve that ideal. To "soft-rock" the other 90% to sleep is doing them a great disservice. That is why two Harvard medical researching doctors reported that all adults in the United States should take a multiple vitamin supplement. 

To further explain this concept, see if this story makes sense. Auto mechanics know that to keep a car's engine clean will extend its life. To do this they regularly change the oil, air, and gas line filters, and they use a quality, clean-burning grade of gasoline. These same procedures are very similar to those in the human body. The body needs fuel as food calories to burn for energy and they come in many different "grades". There are filters called the liver, kidneys, and colon. It is not recommended to change these filters but to keep the ones you start out with in good condition. The body needs good quality oils, water, and clean air to breathe.  Thus, the goal of a dietitian or nutritionist should be to plan a meal program using mostly clean-burning foods to maximize body functions and minimize toxic build up of waste materials in these vital body filters. Plain and simple. Good food keeps a body running healthy.



Healthy choices: 

Vegetables and Fruits (organically grown first choice)

Plant proteins: such as beans, nuts, and seeds

Whole Grains  (millet, barley, oats, rye, corn, wheat, spelt, rice, buckwheat)

Cold water wild Fish

Olive oil 

Small amounts of low fat dairy for individuals who can tolerate (only whole milk for children, if any)

Some pasture feed or wild  animal proteins

Use spices for flavor to limit salt intake (unless exercising in hot weather)

Proper supplementation


Unhealthy choices: 

White flour (even if enriched) 

Sugars, especially high fructose corn syrup 

Partially Hydrogenated vegetable oils, trans fats 

Animal proteins (esp. raised in grain feedlots)  

Fried foods (especially in vegetable oils) 

Farmed fish

Salt for salt-sensitive individuals*

Unbalanced supplementation

*Salt retriction does not apply to all. The problem is that you may not know if it applies to you until your blood pressure goes up or other signs develop. And it could really be just an imbalance with other minerals calcium, magnesium, and potassium that is the culprit, not the amount of sodium. So, the prudent approach is to somewhat limit salt and use "real" salt when available. 

This is a living clean program. In the U.S. this is a very challenging program to follow due to current food production methods. The more unhealthy food choices results in lowered efficiency and vitality. It is all a matter of percentages and genetics. Some people have ironclad constitutions and can tolerate more unhealthy choices before exhibiting adverse reactions. If you like it simple, here are two of the most important dietary factors: Increase High FIBER plant whole foods and lower SUGARS. 

These are generalities and not hard and fast rules. Some unhealthy foods, such as refined white flour, could be consumed if the overall diet is healthy. The current governmental recommendations call for at least half of grain servings to be from whole grains. It is wise to limit the number of even whole grains. Cooking methods, storage temperatures, and processing techniques all can influence the health factors in foods as well. Most people know the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods, but still choose unwisely. Here is a quote of a disease promoting dietary pattern from the authors of the Nurses' Health Study: "we identified a dietary pattern that was strongly related to inflammatory markers in the nested case-control study. This pattern, which was high in sugar-sweetened soft drinks, refined grains, diet soft drinks, and processed meat but low in wine, coffee, cruciferous vegetables, and yellow vegetables, was associated with an increased risk of diabetes" . ref  

Just what is an unhealthy food? You will find some disagreement here, but usually it refers to foods that have a high number of calories compared to the amount of essential nutrients. What food quickly comes to mind? Think Santa's cane! They also may contribute excess amounts of already over-loaded nutrients, such as the case today with too much fructose. Thus, even healthy foods could become unhealthy if consumed in larger than needed amounts. Large quantities of carrot juice increase liver enzymes. It's all about balance and harmony.  Looking at the total and overall picture is what's important. Nature in her infinite wisdom usually puts balance in variety, or at least adds compensating nutrients. Body processes also participate in this balancing act. If you over consume a nutrient, the body often just stops absorbing as much, or increases its elimination, but not always. 

SIDEBAR: Unfortunately, sometimes too much of one nutrient will interfere with another nutrient. Supplementing high zinc hinders copper absorption. Men taking high zinc for prostate health might be lowering an important copper built enzyme called superoxide dismutase. This is one of the most important cellular enzymes, involved in major cell protection mechanisms.



Not economics, not politics, and least of all not commercial profits should be allowed to be the deciding voices in your health care information. You should be in control of the lion's share of your health destiny. RightWay's challange is to clarify health concepts and function as a clearinghouse for information from a variety of resources, including governmental agencies, to help you make informed health decisions. Just one small voice screaming "fire in the hole". 

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