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Practical Living

June 2007                                                revised Jan 2008

This section reports on everyday practical health applications. The small things that should stay small...

Fruit Juice Trap

Parents trying to help their children get healthier are using fruit juice instead of soda thinking it is better. It is only a matter of a small degree of a few minerals and vitamins healthier. The sugar content is still about the same. Sugar is sugar. It all raises triglyceride levels if too much is consumed. How does this work? (Yes, fructose makes more fat.) ref

The secret is to limit each meal to smaller amounts of free sugars. Any amount over what your muscles can store up gets converted to triglycerides and a greater likelyhood into FAT. Remember the use it or store it motto. This is how 5 small meals of the same amount of food as 3 larger meals could help reduce your weight. Your activity between meals would make room in the muscles for the next small meal sugars. It's just that simple. Well, there are some other benefits as well. Can you think of some? Like better free radical protection efficiency, increased appetite control, lower blood sugar and insulin swings. But ultimately it is the total number of calories eaten versus the number burned up. 

Give children the whole fruit, not the concentrated juice of many fruits. To help them transition, start watering down juices first by 1/4, then 1/2, and end up at about 1/3 to 1/4 juice to 3/4 water. A 12 oz glass of 100% juice can have up to 35 grams of sugars. 9 grams would be easier for the body to handle at one time.


Healthy Cell Phones?

If you imagine that the government would never allow cell phones to become so widespread if they were harmful, you have not been reading the headlines lately about all the tainted foods, poisoned pets, and lead painted toys that have been discovered. Parents, your thick skull bone may offer you some protection against cellphone fields, but what about your young children who talk for hours? Their smaller bones would and do absorb more. The major damage could actually come from heat generated transfer rather than radiation. This heat travels deeper into the brains of children than adults with thicker skull bones. 

Practical advice: Limit time on cell phones. Time is critical for children. After just two minutes, the blood brain barrier is compromised. Because this will most likely fall on deaf ears, try getting children to use a speaker phone or use an ear wire or blue tooth (less but still some), and hold the phone as far away from the body as possible. Also, the highest frequency emitting time is just after you dial and the phone is searching. Also limit the time the phone is attached to your body, even if not in use. It is still searching for messages and signal bars periodically.

Early on, the phone industry sponsored studies which were looking for DNA breaks in cells which would indicate tumor potential. Most of these were short term and were negative for DNA breaks. So the industry went ahead full steam. But now, some studies are finding that tumor potential is showing up with longer exposure. And another factor has surfaced, protein leakage through the blood brain berrier as well as cell membranes (allergies). This does not show up in the control group not exposed to cellphone radiation heat. These are red flags that a cautious position should be adopted regarding cell phone use until further research fully verifies. These puzzling developments mean the studies have to be reviewed and repeated for longer times with a look into other factors than just DNA breaks. One group found that at three hours, the typical study time, no negative effects surfaced, but at 24 hours they did. Scientists continuing the studies are growing concerned that children who often talk for extended periods of time may be at increased risk. But, now that the industry is so large and has such a powerful lobby and public relations voice, any study showing damage is being attacked and discredited.

When you see an x-ray of a brain with a marble-sized tumor next to the ear..... When talking on a cell phone, LIMIT TIME, change sides, and if you have to attach the phone to your body, change places here too. Since infants' immune systems and skull bones are not fully developed, NO cellphone or wireless systems should be used near them. The major dilemma here is that it can take 10 to 20 years for cancers to start to show up, which is 10 to 20 years too late to make corrective behaviors. CAUTION is the better act of valor, especially since early warning signs are increasing. 

Do not use anti-bacterial soaps...

Doctors are concerned that the widespread use of anti-bacterial soaps will lead to the development of the SUPER germ. Super germs are immune to many of today's antibiotics. Here's how it works. Let's say you have 100 germs on your hands. Washing with anti-bacterial soap kills 80  germs. The germs that are left are the ones that are better able to withstand the anti-bacterial soap. When these germs grow back to number 100 again, they are a little better each time at surviving the anti-bacterial soap attack, until finally you have created a colony of SUPER GERMS able to withstand the anti-bacterial soap completely.  Hot water and plain soap are quite enough if you wash thorough and long enough.

Why do I have to eat vegetables?  Or, why does nature put healthy things only in unpleasant tasting foods?

Getting children off to a positive association with vegetables is quite a challenge. Try slicing up carrots and celery and put them out in a bowl of ice. Do not ask if they would like them first. Start slowly introducing small thinly sliced amounts of cooked vegetables in soups, beef stew, rice bowls, casseroles, and even spaghetti to work up the acceptance of the tastes. Yes, there are some foul smelling and tasting vegetables. Broccoli on my mind. But others are not so bad like tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, and celery. The off taste is probably why so many recipes use other food ingredients to attempt to hide vegetable flavors. In many cases, it is the high mineral content (often sulfur) and beneficial phytonutrients that are responsible for the strange odors of vegetables.

Here are the reasons you must eat vegetables: 1. Helps maintain correct cholesterol levels. 2. Aids blood sugar regulation. 3. Maintains proper elimination. 4. Supplies FIBERS to feed your beneficial intestinal bacterial that perform important immune functions. One is to produce butyrate which protects cells from turning cancerous, or destroys them if they already have. Another is to destroy invading harmful bacteria such as salmonella from contaminated foods. 5. Balances hormonal factors. 6. Supplies essential needed nutrients including vitamins and minerals.

There are many more... but aren't these enough?

Organic versus Non-organic Foods

This is the best reason to consume organically grown foods:  Dr Joan Gussow, Nutrition and Education, Columbia Teachers Collage, “Is Organic Food More Nutritious?” She prods the organic industry to move beyond harping on a few nutritional differences when organic production provides so many other benefits worth promoting:  conserves natural resources, solves rather than creates environmental problems, and reduces the pollution of air, water, soil, and food." 

Organic methods and biodiversity (rotating crops) create plants that are better able to survivie adverse conditions like droughts. Plus, Organic plants with more organic materials in the soil hold almost twice the amount of carbon as artificially fertilized plants. Yes, there are still challenges to growing organically, but the results created of a cleaner, healthier world continue the benefits for many future generations.

Baby ringworm ... 

When our children came down with ringworm, which was very seldom, my wife would coat the area with honey, cover with a bandage and either a sock or glove to avoid the mess. And in the morning it was always gone. Could it have suffocated from lack of air?

For a clean info site on this topic: dhpe.org/infect/ringworm.html

Senior Cold Paradox...

An interesting study on seniors testing vitamins on the length head colds lasted proved something quite different. The study showed that seniors who took their vitamins had colds that lasted longer than seniors who did not take vitamins. This proves that anti-oxidant multiple vitamins do indeed work. How? When you have a cold, the body's immune system produces free radicals to help kill the viruses. The anti-oxidant vitamins worked so well that they deactivated these beneficial radicals before they could kill the cold viruses. The message here is do not take all your vitamins when you have a cold. Just take vitamin C. Studies have shown that while vitamin C does not stop you from getting colds, the colds do not last as long.

Fiber Up!

Studies using fibers extracted from food show very limited cardiovascular protection. BUT, when fiber rich whole grains are studied, a 20% to 40% protection results. There must be a synergism at work here. FOOD FIRST! Fiber rich foods contain both soluble and insoluble fibers. Soluble fibers do lower cholesterol (by binding and eliminating some bile) but maybe the greater affect is from the lower glycemic load of high fiber foods compared to refined white flour which are usually also high in sugar. Adding bran to refined flour foods did show a 30% lower risk for heart disease in males. Vegetables, beans, and fruits are also high in fibers.   ref  


Current research shows that low vitamin C status has been increasing parallel to obesity rates. In the last 25 years, the number of people testing low for vitamin C has tripled from 5% to 15%. Remember that this is a very low amount at 60 milligrams. Many more could be nearly low. A new study out of Arizona University revealed that marginally low vitamin C status reduced fat burning during a treadmill exercise test by 25%. Vitamin C is needed to help carnitine burn fatty acids for muscle fuel. Low vitamin C status also increased fatigue. Sound familiar? If you are exercising and not losing weight, try adding some vitamin C. In the study, 500 mg increased fat burning by 4 times in subjects that were low. Ref 

MSG and the FAT program (Feb 2007)

Since there isn't a strain of mice with a fat gene to use in obesity studies, scientists have to create them. A dose of MSG to new-born mice creates later obese adult mice since the MSG triggers the hypothalamus to eliminate appetite control. ref

With the addition of MSG under a multitude of names in many foods, especially fast food restaurant chain foods, could this influence the same process in humans? Appearently, some studies say it could while others have not found such a relationship yet in humans. The food industry and fast-food chains are not about to stop using MSG, larger people eat more food. This result does parellel the 50 year pattern of increasing obesity happening in America and now in many other countries. More research is needed to verify. It might be prudent to avoid MSG until the final answer is found. Watch for a list to be posted soon or go on the web entering "MSG".



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