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The health care topic is currently showing great interest. Since the original article was written before the Affordable Health Care Act passed, it is now in an update mode. With more of the mechanisms of the Health Care Bill coming into play this year, awareness is peaking. Just what is going to happen?

Until the full updated article returns, to summarize the important points most discussions seem to avoid and the most likely evolving reality, here is the condensed version:

1. The AHCA was passed without knowing what it contained.

SIDEBAR: The stated goals were to increase health coverage for most if not all, require everyone to buy health insurance, add supports for lower wage earners, lower insurance cost through competition from Government Exchanges, extend price fixing of Medicare payments, eliminate exclusions of pre-existing conditions, and increase Government involvement in health care decisions, ALL WHILE NOT SPENDING MORE Government money.

2. While health care reform was the obvious intent, the real goal of this special interest legislation is to eventually establish a single payer (Government) universal health care system.

3. This was not kept a secret as it was verbally expressed by the current administration.

4. The procedures, policies, and taxes established by this legislation will sooner or later collapse the current health care system; Insurance companies, Doctors, Hospitals, and State budgets.

5. First, the increased paperwork and reduced fees Medicare pays will drive many Doctors away from taking new Medicare patients, or even Medicare patients at all. (CURRENTLY HAPPENING)

6. Second, older Doctors will retire earlier than planned and even some young Doctors will move out of active practice, causing a Doctor shortage. (COMING SOON)

7. Insurance companies will have to continually increase fees to cover the rapidly increasing pool of sick baby boomers plus starting 2014 they will have to add the high risk pools of pre-existing conditions at the same healthy people premiums (the increased revenues from 30 million potentially new policy holders may hold this off for a couple of years), plus Hospitals will run out of space. (NOW, especially for emergency centers.)

8. The Government and State mandated insurance pools will continue to grow in numbers as small business finds out the fee (tax) for non-insured employees is less than the private insurance group plans. This will have two adverse effects; First, the States will be overwhelmed by how quickly the numbers increase and the resulting cost, and second, at some point the private insurance companies will no longer have a large enough pool to be profitable and they will start to close. Plus, all the while businesses will turn many full time employees into part timers to avoid having to provide this expensive private insurance which adds these workers onto Government exchanges. Since the Government dictates what health aspects private insurance policies must cover, they can drive up costs and make the exchanges that much more attractive. (Insurance exchanges start Oct 2013, so another year before some of these domino facts start falling) ref

9. At some point, Public outrage over doctor shortages, longer wait times, denied procedures, and sky high insurance fees will drive the "Government" to control costs by NATIONALIZING HEALTH CARE and making ALL health care workers Government Union Employees including Doctors. (unknown time, best guess, 4-5 years)

10. And walla, you will have a Government run single payer universal health care program.

When Doctors lost the right to freely practice medicine, health care suffered. Having private HMOs and PPO organizations run health care was never a wise choice, rather it was a business profit decision (and how insurance companies spread around the costs). Since profits and health care can be at odds with each other, maybe a wise Universal health care Government run program could work. BUT, to date, there is not one successful program among the many Countries where it exists. Norway comes close, with Oil drilling profits paying for it, but what happens when the oil revenues run out?

Some point to Canada as an example, but they had to recently pass rules to make sure health districts are able to keep to an under 90 day wait time for Doctor or referral Medical Specialist appointments for non-crisis conditions like cancers. 

Reality scenarios all point to another Government run mediocre program with people not only paying the price with higher taxes, but also with a reduction in their health. Younger healthy people have not yet realized it is they who will again be paying the lion's share of health care for the older generation, a situation already seen with the retirment program.