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Supporting Concepts for Developing Health Parameters   

May  2006    Revised Aug 2006

QV Summary   Medical scientists choose an incomplete health premise (the germ theory) upon which to base modern medicine. It's mostly a "disease" care model of symptom suppression rather than cause elimination or prevention. Programs building body health reserves should be priority one.


Mainstream medicine is based largely on a few mid-19th century concepts: Louis Pasteur's germ theory, Koch's development of chemical "magic bullets" to kill germs, and Claude Bernard's physiology lab work using animals. While the rational for medical care should be to safeguard the health of people, the reality is that today we have one of the best "disease care" systems money can buy. "Health" is not a significant part of this protocol.

Modern medicine is always looking not only for the germs that are the cause of disease, but also for new and more powerful drugs to kill these germs. From Bernard's research on animal physiology, scientists search for ways to shut down symptoms of disease, such as the function of Vioxxtm to inhibit the enzyme COX2 that is in the pathway of responsibility for causing inflammation. While these methods were effective in dealing with infectious disease microbes, ref, they offer less support in properly handling chronic degenerative conditions.  

While the pharmacological (drug) industry is busy finding new and more powerful "magic bullets", the American Medical Association (AMA) is busy promoting this mainstream model of disease care. With the ever-increasing side effects and drug recalls, the AMA has been extremely busy with damage control lately. The Food and Drug Agency (FDA), which has the responsibility to review the safety and efficacy of new drugs before they can be put on the market, has come under fire from the US Congress for inadequate research and prematurely releasing of drugs. Public benefits are supposed to be balanced against potential risks when the Food & Drug Agency (FDA) evaluates new drug studies. Occasionally, such as in the case of Talidamaidetm, Hormone Replacement Therapy, and Vioxxtm, the risks proved much greater than the benefits. Health should never be medicine's second priority. This medical system, called allopathic medicine, relegates the patient to being more or less just a passive participant waiting for drugs to work or to recover from surgery. Let's go back in time to see how this situation came about.



Major pitfall of modern mainstream American medicine: There is a preoccupation in treatment protocols of suppressing symptoms rather than knowing or treating the causes of disease.




Pasteur's theory reported that germs attack the body from an outside source to cause disease. And that each disease has a different and unique germ. If you kill the germ, the person will be cured. At about the same time, Antoine Beauchamp, a French researcher, offered another theory that said diseases could spring from inside the body without an outside germ as Pasteur's theory needed. Beauchamp said the medium (conditions in the body) caused germs or elements, whether already present in the body or from an outside source, to change into different forms that initiated the disease process. Much the same way that a caterpillar changes into a butterfly, Beauchamp said germs have non-active forms or stages that can turn into active forms capable of causing disease. Conditions in the body have to change to favor the growth of the pathogenic germs or elements over the body's native protective processes. This aspect that germs have different forms during their life is called (pleomorphism) and it plays a large role in homeopathic and naturopathic medicines. Here medicines are given which more or less fortify the body's own defense's into combating disease states, whether caused by outside or inside germs, or conditions of the body.

SIDEBAR: If the germ theory is all that was necessary,  why do only 10% of the people exposed to West Nile Virus from the bite of an infected mosquito develop the disease?

Pasteur's theory won out possibly because the scientists of the time were living through many plagues. Lister and his hand washing protocol for doctors between surgeries to help stop the spread of infectious germs finally gained recognition. This gave more credibility to Pasteur's germ theory as well. Even though most of today's medical scientists do not recognize Beauchamp's theory, some scientists are still working on this theory and progress is getting closer to vindicating Beauchamp. New microscopes enable researchers to see the natural living cell that is in direct contrast to the electron microscopes that strain and kill the cells before viewing. Small elements have been found in recent research that may be responsible for the initiation of a degenerative disease process.

If scientists search long enough, they will probably find a germ in most disease conditions. But, will it prove to be a participant or an opportunist? This is just a fact of nature's recycling living tissue process. Regardless, Beauchamp's concept that you can influence your health by creating favorable body conditions presents immense benefits to building health while preventing disease.


Beauchamp's polymorphic germs and internal disease factors will eventually go down in history as the greatest discovery in medicine of the 21st century, even though it was expressed about 150 years ago. Many aspects in mainstream medicine are really quite experimental. Scientists cannot explain some contradictory facts, yet mainstream medicine marches on covering up one symptom after another. When you read the statistics in Health Status, it makes one wonder if there isn't a better method, a RightWay...

Let's review some historical facts to help put some perspective on those last statements. The cholera epidemic in England of the 1840's revealed a most interesting set of facts. Pasteur theory type doctors who were busy treating patients with "magic bullets" (a mercury containing drug) lost a large percentage of their patients. In contrast, homeopathic doctors lost very few patients. A review of these facts later by the English Parliament praised homeopathy and established it as the dominant medical theory in England. Homeopathic practice supports the patient's restoration of their own immune system to help battle disease using medicines developed to assist this process. If the disease allows for this needed time framework to work, homeopathy works quite well. During a crisis, more drastic measures might obviously have to be employed. Thus, a marriage of both medical models may very well be the best "health care" protocol. Mainstream medicine, which has the most skilled surgeons and support staff in the world, needs some help in the prevention and health maintenance arenas. 

SIDEBAR: Patients of  Homeopathic medicine may benefit as much from the improvement in body conditions from diet and lifestyle changes as from the medicines.


If disease can spring right out of your own cells, it would be wise to create as healthy an internal environment as possible. Since this is one aspect you can control with proper food choices, education becomes paramount. With so few reliable sources to provide information on the "new science of health", this is more of a challenge than it should be. Can you find government websites with appropriate information? Up to a point, yes, but then they fall short since they are still based on the "disease care" model. On the other side, the alternative medicine people present information that is often quite radical and they spend so much time and energy attacking mainstream medicine that they fall short on positive support for their own theories. Often the fact that there is so little research support is probably why many alternative practitioners go on the defensive from the start. Government funded research has been looking at some of these alternatives lately and some interesting results have come out. RightWay will cover some of these reports and attempt to put the alternative approaches in perspective. Some have merit, it's just knowing which ones.


Research studies sometimes arrive at opposite results. Positive in one study and negative in the next. Obviously, both results can't be true, or maybe they just might be depending on the type of study and the participants selected. See Interpretive Studies. Taking all this under consideration, RightWay Vitamins will temper scientific studies with human physiology and throw in some common sense as proof for health concepts. The National Institutes of Health publishes studies after they are reviewed and accepted on the pubmed.org website. The studies that get published are then acceptable for reference in research. These studies will be used as much as possible for proof. You will be amazed at what they are finding and how much you are not being told, yet.

Current research is disproving many commonly believed health notions...


Becoming pro-active in your health care will pay healthy dividends. Your health reserve account will increase in value while your disease risk factors diminish. You will build up defensive cell wall barricades, especially necessary if the bird flu wants to take off. The current theory about the cause of the 1918 flu THAT KILLED 20 MILLION worldwide comes from preserved DNA material that links its origin to a bird bacteria that transferred to pigs and then to humans. The first reported cases started in the United States after World War I.

Most scientist believe that it is simply a matter of time before a strain of bacteria or virus mutates into a super bug that will not respond to any current antibiotics or other drugs. RightWay's focus on methods to increase your cell wall barricades and the overall immune system could prove invaluable.


Trans-fats do some of their damage by taking up residence in cell wall membranes, but not performing the necessary functions of the beneficial fats that should occupy that space. One of these functions is to regulate what goes into and out of cells, often by blocking attachment of bacteria and viruses to the cell membrane docking sites.

AZT, a treatment in AIDS, is really just a beneficial fatty acid to maintain the integrity of cell membranes. This helps prevent the AIDS virus from attaching to cell walls. The virus has to attach to introduce its DNA into that body cell's nucleus, which then causes the cell to produce more viruses so the infection can spread. This is just like the lazy bird that lays an egg in another birds nest and nature has that bird raise the lazy bird's chick as its own. Of course the intruder chick quickly grows larger and demands most of the food from the mother bird and systemically eliminates the mother bird's own chicks from the nest. Viruses do likewise to body cells, tissues, eventually organ functions.

Membrane integrity is also a major factor in brain cell health and dementia. And to wrap up the trans fat madness, a recent study out of England measured the amount of trans fat in women and found an association with breast cancer rates.


Mainstream medicine's focus on finding "magic bullet" cures has hindered opportunities to develop preventative measures. While quite a bit of preventative and vitamin health information does come out of the Institutes of Medicine's many divisions, such as the Office of Dietary Supplements, it is somewhat watered down as it caters to the wishes of major food producers and medicine's disease care model. The Soy Board, responsible for increasing soy consumption to help farmers, has been very aggressive in sponsoring research and influencing governmental policies. Have you seen the health claim on packages of soy protein about being beneficial for heart health? What you usually don't hear is that current independent research is not telling the same story the Soy Board research found. While this may very well be the INFORMATIONAL AGE, if you don't have access to both sides of the story, your choices might only be half-right.

Can you imagine how fast diseases would be wiped out if doctors and hospitals were paid a monthly fee only while you were healthy? The medicine model would rapidly change to prevention. This might still happen on a small scale as HMO's wise up. Why wait?


So much health information exists today that it is easy to become bewildered. First, you need the straight up facts. You are not getting them today. The sources of information often tell only one side of the story. Here are some examples:


Two of the most significant concepts in health are being completely ignored by nutritional professionals. First, have you heard anyone mention "net acid load" of the diet? This concept is taught in university nutrition classes. The classic nutrition textbook has discussed this for over thirty-five years. Here is what they wrote in the 1966 edition of "Nutrition and Physical Fitness" by Bogert, Briggs, and Calloway. The first edition was published in 1931. 

"The protein, organic acids, or other organic matter is oxidized or burned up in the metabolism (to yield carbon dioxide and water), leaving the basic elements free to combine with acids taken in food or formed in metabolism. Thus, it is advantageous if the acid-forming and base-forming elements in the diet approximately balance each other, for in this way the maintenance of body neutrality will be favored."

A current report on the value of fruits and vegetables stated that science was not sure as to the exact elements that were responsible for their health benefits. Maybe it was the high potassium level. Let's see what the 1966 textbook has to say about this. "Although there is no doubt that eating generous quantities of fruits and vegetables makes for good health in the long run, these foods supply vitamins and fiber along with base-forming elements and their beneficial effects may be due to a combination of all these factors." Base-forming minerals are sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Acid-forming are sulfur, phosphorus, and chlorine.

It seems obvious that some scientific professionals were not paying attention or reading textbooks during their university classes. Here is how this chapter ends: "The body normally maintains a certain store of basic elements, known as the alkali reserve. The chief disadvantage of ingestion of too much acid-forming foods or of formation of too great amounts of acids in metabolism is not in the danger of blood or tissues actually becoming acid, but in the fact that under these conditions the excess acid must be neutralized by drawing on the alkali reserve, and that the body store of base-forming elements may become depleted. When base-forming foods predominate in the diet, not only is there no need to draw on the alkali reserve, but this reserve of basic elements is built up to a point where it is at least a safeguard for the tissues and may be a factor in promoting health."

The Standard American Diet (SAD) today is predominately acid forming. This factor is why vegetarians have lower disease rates in almost every category. A vegetarian diet usually has a lower "net acid load" as long as sugar and refined flour foods are not overconsumed. Protecting your alkali reserve should be priority one of any dietary health program. Have you heard or read this before?

IMPORTANT: See Hollow Bone Saga article for the current research on this topic.


The second nutritional factor ignored relates to the dance of mineral balance. The typical SAD is high in calcium (from dairy relative to the rest of the world), sodium (salt), sulfur (animal protein), and phosphorus (grains, meats, and sodas), and low in potassium, magnesium, and selenium, mostly from vegetables and fruits. Charts and Graphs. Wow, this relates to the first ignored factor as well. Look at how many acid forming minerals are consumed in high amounts compared to the base forming minerals. While sodium is base forming it is mostly combined with acid forming chlorine as chloride in salt. (A side interesting study just found that the chloride part of salt affects blood pressure as well as the sodium part.)

These two seemingly ignored nutritional factors are actually involved in forming the concepts that scientists use to establish the current dietary recommendations, but nutritionists rarely use these terms. These guidelines recommend more fruits and vegetables. Now you know why. They also recommend less salt, more calcium, less saturated fats, and eating less sugar.

You will discover in Hollow Bone Saga why just increasing calcium by itself may not be that wise. Thus, it seems only logical that this information should be used to explain why there is so much degenerative disease today. But health professionals still hold onto the great mystery concept and ignore causes of disease? These facts were known in 1966 and before. This point will come up continually in articles on this site. 

Yes, there is and may always be controversy in the scientific community on what causes disease. The road to scientific "proof" is rarely straight. But while people wait for scientists to make up their minds, the food and drug industry is blazing ahead at full steam, often on a collision course with future research results. There may also be a conflict of interest at work here. Big food processors and drug manufacturers influence governmental policies and nutritional guidelines. Many government nutritional health workers were employed in these companies and will return if or when they leave their government work. What's that saying about the "fox guarding the hen house"?

The Window of Opportunity

One of the biggest challenges to health is incomplete understanding of body functions. Evidence comes out of research studies that is overlooked or cast aside when it is counter to established medical principles. Americans have held to the axion that bigger is always better far to long. In nutrition, there is a range of dosage amounts that must be respected. Too much is as detrimental as not enough. Tunnel vision analysis of study results is ignoring growing truths. 

Truth owes no allegiance. It just exists. People need to know health truths. Hopefully there are some here. You will be exposed to different and original concepts. It will become very apparent from the information presented that you will have to direct your own health programs until "or if" the system changes. Read Survive Alive to discover more insights into food production pitfalls. You can use this information constructively and help build your health "alkali reserve" parameters today.

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